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It is possible to shift from the new version of Yahoo Mail to the old version. The full version is more modern and recommended by Yahoo. However, if you prefer an easier version of the email, you can use Yahoo Basic Email.

Yahoo mail full version includes personalized, filters, themes, stationery, online image attachment, etc. The Basic version does not cover these features.

NOTE: There are some minimum specifications for using the full version of Yahoo Mail. If Yahoo Mail identifies an unsupported browser or screen resolution, JavaScript obstacles or low bandwidth, it will automatically change to Basic Email.

Easy Steps to Shift to Basic from Full Versions of Yahoo

  • Drive to https://mail.yahoo.com/ and sign in to the Yahoo account for which you would like to change from full-featured to basic mode.
  • Now hover your mouse over the gear icon in the above right corner of the browser window. Click Settings in the drop-down menu.

  • Scroll down to the Mail version section of the menu, pick the Basic option, then click the Save button to apply the change. Remark that your inbox will refresh to hold the new display mode.

Easy Steps to Switch from Basic to Full-Featured Mode in Yahoo Mail

  • As usual sign-in to Yahoo mail account by following this link https://mail.yahoo.com/.
  • Now click on the Change to the Newest Yahoo Mail link at the top-right edge of the window.


We hope you understand every step about how to switch between the basic and full version of Yahoo mail, but if you are getting issues to understand any steps or you are still facing the issue then you can contact Yahoo Mail Customer Support to solve your problem.

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